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This summer has been interesting. For some reason knitting hasn’t been in the top five things on my to do list.   I am lucky if I knit or crochet once a week, and that is usually on Thursday night.  Thursday night is knitting night with my friends.

What I have been doing. I have been reading. I signed up for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks on Ravelry. I only have about 12 more books to read to hit this goal.  You can check my reading list out on Ravelry or on . I have gotten hooked on Janet Evanovich’s ‘Stephaine Plum’ series, and Charlaine Harris’ ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series. I have to read Janet Evanovich’s books 12 to 15, and all the in between books to have that series completed. I have only one book left in the ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series, and all the in between books left to read.

Once those books are completed, I will start on the James Patterson’s ‘Alex Cross’ series. I already have some of those books on the book shelf.  I have a couple of Nora Robert series to read. I have the rest of the ‘Maximum Ride’ series to read, the ‘The Mortal Intermusts’ to read. Plus several other series to read.

I have been working digilently on my knitting. I have several projects to finish. That is before I can cast on anything else. I would like to finish what I have on my needles before I start anything else. I have been thinking about christmas gifts. I only knit for both of my DD’s and DH anymore. I don’t knit for any other family members, since I don’t deem them knit worthy.

I have entered a contest to win a set of Knit Pick’s Zephyer needles. Boy, I would really like a set of them. One of the things that I would cast on would be the candle flame scarf. I have always admired this scarf pattern.  Here is the site to enter for a winning chance to win the needles.  I have completed most of the things that are required.  I would love to win this needles, but if I don’t I am going to putting them on my christmas wish list.

It is a bite being unemployed for this long. I can’t believe that there wasn’t any job postings that I was qualified for in today’s paper.  Well, I am off for now.


It has been a busy few weeks since I lasted blogged.  I was unfortunate enough to caught a summer cold. My oldest DD who happens to be teaching summer school brought home a summer cold. Which than I proceeded to catch.  I was miserable for a week with that cold. I am doing much better now.

I have finished a sample for a designer it will be taken to the post office tomorrow. I hope she likes the finished sample. I will be sending off the rest of the information to her via email either tonight or tomorrow.

I have several other items that I am testing in the queue at this point in time. They are all hush-hush right now. I can say that there are two baby afghans, a baby sweater, and a shawl in my testing bags.  I did receive an email concerning doing a sock, which I did agree on. I haven’t heard back from the company concerning the sock.

I wanted to share my week-end finds with you. E (youngest DD) and I went to the Farmer’s Market that is held in our local downtown area on Saturday morning. We picked up some lovely produce. From there went to a local coffee/tea house that has been in our downtown area for a good five or six years. This is the first time we went. It is call Muggswigz. . What a lovely little place it is. It is done in all wood, like wood that you would find in an old home. It is very warm and freindly. The tables look like they came from an old library or restraunt. We purchased four different teas. We have tried two of them, one was an earl grey tea, and the other was the muggswigz red. They were both very good. I still have a the orange market spice and the rooibos to try. The earl grey was really good, it was a rich flavor with a hint of lavender in it. The muggswigz red is a nice rooibos with several spice that mingle and I am still trying to figure out. I drank them both hot, and than made ice tea out of them. What a nice change from just dull black tea for ice tea.

We than did a few more errands and than went to lunch. We went to an Indian restaurant in our area. It has been there for about five to six years. This was the first time that we had gone to it. It is called Bombay Sitar  Since this was the first time we had went there we wanted to look at the menu, and ask questions. I have several food sensitivities and allergies, so I always ask lots of questions when I go to a new restaurant. The gentleman that seated us inquired if we want to do the buffet, and we replied that first we wanted to look at the menu.

Than a very nice young lady apppoarched our table to see if we were ready to order. So I told her that I had some food issues, and explained what they were. She was very kind, and helpful. She even went to the kitchen to ask questions about how certain foods were prepared.  She help us make informed choices for our lunch. She even looked at the buffet to see what would accomdate our needs. She decided that it would be better for us to order off of the menu instead.

While we enjoyed a lovely meal of  Bayngan Bharta (egg plant) and Dal Makhni (black lentils). This lovely young lady reviewed a carry out menu to see what we would be able to enjoy. She circled all the dishes that would be suitable for us to enjoy, and gave us the menu to keep with us. We have decided that we would be returning to this lovely restaurant again in the future.

Now to something knitted related that I though everyone would enjoy reading about. This story was in the local paper yesterday, Sunday, June 28, 2009 This shows me that even the young ones love to knit.

I have been keeping busy of late. I have been doing some knitting and reading. Plus enjoying watching the flowers and the garden grow. DH planted the garden. He set out close to 40 some tomato plants, some cucumbers and zuchinnis.  We love tomatos, so during the season we can never have too many fresh tomatos.

I have been keeping busy with my knitting. I have completed another test knitting. This is 2009-010-K, name Orinoco, designed by Anne Kuo Lukito of crafty diversions. She can be found at I did  a beautiful shrug that Anne designed. It is full of cables. I have a weakness for cables. I used Red Heart yarn in a beautiful gray heather color. I could have eithered used a bulky yarn or double strand of yarn. I decided to use the double strand approached.  Here is a picture of it.

Orinoco Shrug

Orinoco Shrug

My friend AJ is the model. This is the back of the shrug. Anne requested that I make the shrug in a 1X. Which I did. The sleeves were suppose to be 3/4 length sleeves, but in the end they were full length sleeves.

Orinoco #2

Orinoco #2

This is a close up view of the cables.  I tried this shrug on, and it was a little big on me. I will giving this shrug to my oldest DD, K. This shrug is going to be an excellent cover up in her cold classroom.  My youngest DD, E likes this shrug also, so I will be making one in a smaller size for her.  E says that her office space is always cold. So, if you work in an office that air condition reminds you of late fall or winter. This shrug is going to be perfect for that office or classroom.

I am still working on another test knit. It is going to be a lovely scarf. I wasn’t  to impressed with the yarn that I was using when I started this scarf. But, I am liking it more as I work with it. It is Berroco’s Seduce. I found that I wasn’t able to use bamboo needles with it, as the yarn stuck to the needles like there was adhesive on the needles. I switched to a pair of Susan Bates needles. The yarn slides better on these needles, but there is enough of a stickiness that the stitches don’t slide on their own, but with gentle pressure they do move.  The yarn is doing a bit of self striping.  I feel if I was doing a large piece with this yarn, there would be a lovely marbling effect. This yarn has a lovely sheen to it.

I have another test knit on the needles. It is a baby afghan. I am using Lion Brand Jiffy yarn for this project. The yarn in out of my stash. The color is salem, the colors are a lovely pastel. It is going to be a lovely afghan for a little girl. The colors in this yarn are lavender/pink/blue/yellow. I am going to make it longer than the recommend length. I am turning it into a comfort shawl. A friend of mine is going through a rough time. I feel that she needs some comfort.  I understand what she is going through with the death of her mother.

Here is some flowers from my yard.



 I am enjoying the spring so far. We have been having an usually mild spring this year. It hasn’t been overly warm as of yet. There have been times in the past we would go from cold to blazing hot in a matter of days.  This year the temps have been hovering around 75 degrees during the day, and dropping back into the high 50’s at night.

I haven’t been watching to much TV of late. I have been doing the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge on Ravelry. I have read 19 books so far. I have been keeping track of the books at Here is my book shelf:

I have found some business cards that I picked up while at the Great Lake Fiber Festival over the Memorial Day weekend.

Marcie May Fibers (Justina Kopp), Maple Heights, OH
Everything is hand woven, dyed, embellished, or felted. I make woven rugs,
dish cloths, coasters, ets. I also embellish and dye pre-made canvas bags as well as sachet bags and silk scarves. I needle felt pins and magnets as well as make hand made cards

FlashBack Fiber Expressions: She had some lovely things. She is located in LeGrange, OH

Waters Edge Jewelry, LLC:  She makes some lovely stitch markers and other types of jewelry. She is located in Brecksville, OH

If you are interested in the other vendors that were at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival, you can find them here:

So, I am off for now. I am going to enjoy the rest of the day. So, take the time to enjoy your day and the beauty that surronds you.



Fluffy says enjoy the rest of your day. I am going to cuddle up in my mommy’s lap and nap.

I have some more to tell about the Great Lakes Fiber Festival that was held over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Did I tell you that there were five, yes, five exhibition halls full of fibery goodness, spinning wheels, drop spindles and other assorted goodies?  S.C. was like a little kid in the candy store.  She didn’t know what to buy first. I took my time and looked at everything, and then went back to the vendors that I had seen things that I couldn’t leave without.

Drop Spindle from Trading Post

This is my new drop spindle. I purchased it from Trading Post for fiber arts. These two ladies were the most kind people the I have met in along time.  S.C. purchased a spindle from them too.  They took the time to show us how to use the drop spindle, since both S.C. and I are both newbies to the fine art of spinning. This spindle was most least expensive of their line, and they felt it was the best for us to learn on. I haven’t had the time to try spinning anymore this week. I have heard from S.C., and she says she is having a blast with her spindle.  I have some roving that I will get out in the next day or so to see if I can get the hang of it.  They also, had some lovely rovings for a reasonable price, and lots of yarn, mainly sock yarn at a very reasonable price. To bad they are located in Indiana, because I would be there on a weekly basis taking spinning classes, and fondling yarn. I want to thank these kind ladies for their patience with S.C. and myself, as we learned some very basic spinning tips from them.

They can be located at the following website:      Theirbrick and motar store is located at: 8833 South 50 W., Pendleton, IN 46064

These next items were purchased from the 7 Yak Design.  They can be found at

Cat Stitch Markerscat stitch markers

Red Shawl PinRed Shawl Pin

Sign reads: ‘Because my psysciatrist told me to knit if I ever feel like killing someone again!’

Sign-Two needles


They have lots of fun and useful things for the knitter, crocheter, and needlefelter.  They were selling dyed roving in 2 oz. bags to be used for needle felting or spinning. They had lots of colors. Shawl pins in lots of different colors. S.C. bought a white shawl pin, and I had to have the red one.  They had lots of different stitch markers, felted cap nip toys, little boxes  that you could hide little treasures in, lots of different signs like this one, or made out of foam to hang on door knobs. They had sock blockers. They had small kits to learn to dye using koolaid. They had kits to make felted balls for your kittehs or dogs.

The owners of 7 Yaks Design were very kind and helpful. Their etsy store will be carrying  the following items knitting, crochet and felting supplies. Wool roving and batts. Bead and jewelry supplies. Yarn and custom colorways. Hand dyed fabrics.  The owner’s name is: Chris Price. She said the etsy store would be ready this fall. Sounds like she has her summer planned with lots of fiber shows.

I don’t remember the vendor that I purchased this yarn from. She was a very nice vendor. She had lots of yarn that looked like she had dyed, and she also had some yarns for weaving.  This yarn is a lovely shade of aqua.  I am not sure what weight it is. I can tell that the yarn was spun to about a fingering weight, and than plied with a single thread. The single thread reminds me of sewing thread.  I have weighed the cone on my kitchen scale, and it weighed in at 38.6 ozs. The label inside the cone reads:  1663, which I think could be the color number. 870yd/lb, which I think could mean for every pound of yarn there is 870 yards. Aqua, which I know is the color. Lot Ny: 227, which could mean the lot number. So, if I did the calculations correctly, I could have appromiately 1,740 yards of yarn, if not more.  The vendor stated that she had no idea what this yarn was, since it was out of her stash.  She though the basis yarn was arcylic. I haven’t done the burn test as of yet to know.

aqua yarn

small project bagThis is a small project bag. The prefect size for a pair of socks, scarf, or hat.  I have a scarf that I am working on that is going to be finding a new home in this little bag.  The vendor had several of these bags, and they also had a larger verision of the bag.  They were selling a wool and angora roving. I would have loved to had some of the roving, but since I am a newbie I decided against it for now.  Maybe next year.

pattern from Briar Rose FibersThis pattern is from Briar Rose Fibers.  This was a great stall to be in.  The fibers were just lovely.  I think they may have had the majority of their stock with them.  This pattern is called ‘after hours shawl’.  It is made with  Briar Rose Sea Pearl.  This yarn didn’t impress me as it was laying in the basket, but it is really a lovely yarn worked into a project.  They had two projects on display that they had used Sea Pearl for.  They had this shawl and a multidirectional scarf.  The yarn just shined and it was oh, so soft. The cost of Sea Pearl was $25.00 for 500 yards. I think what gave the shine to Sea Pearl is it is a blend of wool and tencal.  Their other yarns were just as lovely as the Sea Pearl.  

I thanked the owners for sponsering one of my favorite podcasts. They are a sponser for Cast – On by Brenda Dayne.

That is all for now.  I have some more things to talk about, but that can wait for another day.

2009-05-17 Shadow and NahalaShadow and Nahala says it time for a break.

I spent Saturday, May 23, 2009, in Wooster, Ohio.  The Great Lakes Fiber Festival was being held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.  My friend S.C. and I went to the festival. We arrived about 10:30 or so.  We had a lovely drive over to Wooster.  It was a lovely day. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  No rain was insight for the day.

We stopped at Starbuck’s before leaving Canton.  I remembered to apply plenty of sunscreen before leaving.  When we arrived at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, the parking lot was full.  We did find a space near the gate.  We walked into the fairgrounds, to lots of activities.

We started going through the exhibit halls at about 10:45.  It took us until about 2:30 or so to go through all the exhibition halls.  There were plenty of vendors to visit. We had sensory overload by the time we left the fairgrounds. The only buildings we didn’t make it to where the barns were all the sheep were.

We visited with a vendor that some angora bucks for sale.  I so wanted to bring one home with me.  I did bring one home with me in around about way.  Here it is:

angora bunnies

 Aren’t they cute???

I also, wanted to bring home some alpcas. Since I live in the city I wasn’t able to do that. So, here is what I did instead.  Look at these lovely little ones.



This festival is held every Memoral Day Weekend.  This year Annie Modesitt was there teaching classes.  I wasn’t able to take any classes this year. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but it wasn’t in my budget to do so.

Here is the site for the Great Lakes Fiber Festival.  Check it out for next year.

There was lots going on. This is a two day show. 

I didn’t make it into the barns to look at the sheep.  By that time I was way to tired.  On the way back home. S.C. and I did stop in Kidron at the Shisler Cheese House. Fresh Ohio made cheese, meats, and candies.  What a treat that was. We had to stop there since we driving right past it to get home.

Here is the website for Shisler Cheeses.

I bought some cheese nibbles, a dill pickle, a couple slices turkey trail bologna, some wintergreen mints and dark chocolate covered espreso beans for my youngest DD.

I look forward to going again next year.  I have more to talk about, but I will do that in the next few days.  I will have pictures and websites for the items that I purchased.

I finished the chocolate bar socks.

2009-05-22 Broken Chocolat Bar sock

Design: Broken Chocolate Bar

Designer: Corrina
Needles: Size 1
Yarn: Regia 4 fadig jacquard-shaded black
Color #: 5297-30766
25% polyamid/75% new wool
50 grams/210 meters
Qty: 2

Total Hours:  16.75 hours.

I would suggest making this socks in a lighter color, semi-solid, or solid.\



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